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23 juillet 2013

Hey people !!

As I don't really like what canalblog has become, I post my doodles and other stuffs on my tumblr :



I will keep that blog for archive etc. 

Thanks for visiting me even if I didn't upload much stuff here anymore ! See you soon :) !

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26 septembre 2012

Some Not-So-Recent doodles



Yaaay, seems like I forgot to update this pic here... 
Hope I can reach a good scan soon :p !


Cheers !

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19 juin 2012

Blue and Orange



 Hi everyone !

So... Here is a photo of a painting I was "working on" last week. 

And here is a sketch I've done @ work during "spare time" :


 That's all folks ! Take care !



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18 mai 2012

Copper Face


Experimenting with the square brush again, but this time i tried to work on how to get a kind of "matter", gesture/movement x__x, still need improvement!


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05 mai 2012




Speeds done during lunchtime @ work. Just testing the square brush. 




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22 mars 2012

and this is the end...


 ...The End of crunch time @ work... Sketches done last week and this weekend, ref used for the top right one :p!

Cheers everyone ! 



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11 mars 2012




They told me "Open a window and SHOUT !!! You'll feel better after that !" but I can't do that IRL... oh no, I just can't do that. 


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18 février 2012

Aoi Shi..Sketches



Hi !

So... Here are some sketches I've done this month... nothing much to say. Refs used for the 2 last ones. Hmmm I guess the fullview is fucked up due to canalblog, so if you want to see it in high res click here.

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30 janvier 2012

scraps 50mm shots



Hi people of the world ! First of all I wish you a belated Happy New Year and a Happy Dragon Year ! Wish you all the best and even more ;)!!

So what's up? I finally got my Canon EOS550D and here are some shots of some crappy doodles done with my 50mm lens. (nice one btw.) BLEH. 

Cheers ! 


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23 novembre 2011

Brush Ink and Pen


Some November sketches.

The first ones were done with a japanese brush (the pentel one :3 ), and like.... 30 sec to one minute per drawing. 

The guy was done in +/- 2 or 3 minutes.

And the female character at the bottom... well, she was in my mind so i just tried to put her on paper... but her design wil change i think. 

 That's all for today ! 


Cheers !! 

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